The Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities is composed of the five following organs:  The General Conference, Administrative Council, General Secretariat, OICC's Awards  and the Cooperation Fund of Islamic Capitals and Cities.

1.The General Conference:

It is the supreme authority of the Organization that sets its general policy in accordance with  its objectives and orientations. The general Conference ratifies Constitution and regulations  of the Organization's bodies and activities, and issues recommendations to the members  pertaining to local government and development. The General Conference is composed of  the active members who are the representatives of member capitals and cities. It convenes  in an ordinary session once every three years and is chaired by the mayor or the head of the  municipality of the city, or their representative, in which the Conference is held.

2- The Administrative Council:

It is the Organization's executive body. It convenes annually in an ordinary session and  undertakes the following:

1. Follow-up of the implementation of the General Conference's  recommendations.
2. Establishes plans and programs in order to realize the objectives of the Organization  to be adopted by the General Conference.
3. Undertakes the functions of the Cooperation Fund's Board of Directors.

The Administrative Council comprises members representing:  

  1. Makkah Al-Mukkarramah, Al-Madina Al-Munawwara, and Al-Quds Al-Sharif (permanent members).

  2. Twenty-one capitals and cities of  active members elected by  General Conference every three years.

  3. An Organization's member capital or city, not a member of the Administrative Council, if decided to host the next General conference or Administrative Council and its  membership shall be limited to that Council Session.

  4. The Secretary General of the Organization.

3- The General Secretariat:

It is the Organization's executive body that manages the administration and implementation of the technical, administrative, and financial works. It is presided by a Secretary General  elected by the General Conference for a renewable three- year term. The Secretary General or his proxy represents the Organization at international commissions and organizations, conferences, symposia, and seminars. The General Secretariat prepares the Organization's activities reports and budget, and presents them to the General Conference and the Administrative Council..

4- OICC's award:

The Authority of the OICC's Award is composed of high qualified experts and specialists  in the fields of the Award as well as the qualified persons of the General Secretariat staff. The authority is presided by  Secretary Genereal of OICC. The Award are to be offered each three years, during the Organization General Conference, for the exceptional works relating to the field of editing, documentation, translation, scientific research in addition to projects and  municipal services, aiming to encourage the concerned experts and the specialists to achieve  the organization goals and to enrich the library in the islamic world by valuable and contemporary books and references.

5- Islamic Capitals and Cities Cooperation Fund:

This fund was established to provide a financial mechanism that contributes to the fulfillment of the Organization 's objectives. The Fund's objectives focus on the support of:

  1. Sustainable development projects of member capitals and cities municipalities aiming at the promotion of public services' standards, municipal facilities, and the protection of the environment.

  2. Works pertaining to the protection and conservation of Islamic heritage landmarks.

  3. Scientific and technical research in all domains relative to municipalities, and the promotion  of application means.

  4. Programs and projects for the establishment and development of capacity building centers concerned with the development of skills and the appropriate technologies needed for member cities, including local authorities affair, maintenance management systems, environment and heritage protection, urban transportation issues, and services maintenance.

The fulfillment of the aforementioned objectives shall be through the provision of assistance and non interest loans to the member capitals and cities.

The financial resources of the fund consists of the following : 

  1. An annual subscription fee of the Organization's member equal to half of the subscription  for the Organization. 

  2. Incoming contributions through the Organization of the Islamic Conference for the implementation of proposed projects. 

  3. Direct contributions from governments, institutions, and individuals. 

  4. Funds or in-kind donations dedicated to the Fund's objectives and invested in appropriate domains, and its investment's profits should be spent on the implementation of the Fund's objectives.

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