Consolidation of cordiality, brotherhood, and friendship between members .


Preservation of the identity and the heritage of Islamic capitals and cities.


Support, coordination and expansion of cooperation scope between members


Endeavor to establish and develop comprehensive urban norms, systems, and plans that would serve the growth and prosperity of members for the promotion of their economic, social, cultural, environmental and urban conditions.


Endeavor to promote the standards of development, services and municipal utilities in member capitals and cities.


Promotion and development of capacity building programs in member capitals and cities.

Means of Realization of Goals:


Holding of conferences, seminars,  symposiums and international exhibitions on problems and issues that concern the member capitals and cities, and the suggestion of appropriate solutions.


Undertaking of analytical studies on member capitals and cities that are thriven with Islamic architectural and urban heritage, in order to deduct fundamental architectural and urban planning principles of different Islamic eras.

3. Awarding prizes to encourage specialists in municipal, architectural and urban domains.
4. Publishing of  Islamic Capitals and Cities Magazine.

Financing of municipal and environmental services, research, training, and heritage protection projects, and technical cooperation programs in the municipalities of member cities through the Organization 's Cooperation Fund.

6. Promotion and revitalization of technical and technological cooperation programs between the member capitals and cities .

Exchange of visits, researches, studies, expertise and scholarships between the member capitals and cities.


Establishment of a relation  between the organization and the regional and international organizations in the area of common interest.

9. Participation in international conferences and exhibitions.
10. Establishment of a database to serve the member capitals and cities


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