1. International Conferences and Seminars:

The Organization holds a series of international conferences and seminars, in participation with the United Nations agencies and the international and regional organizations, to address scientific subjects specific to municipal affairs stated below which deal with major problems that the Organization's member cities are suffering from. This is to identify and set the principles and means to achieve  development of human settlements in the Islamic cities . The Organization held the following conferences and seminars:

  1. Housing in the Islamic city.
  2. Cleanliness within the framework of the Environmental Protection.
  3. Local administration and municipalities Systems.
  4. Road Safety and Traffic Accident Reduction.
  5. New Fundamentals of Naming and Numbering Streets and Districts.
  6. Islamic methodology in the Architectural and Urban Design.
  7. Geographic Information Systems, City Sustainability and Environment.
  8. Fundamentals and Criteria of Classification of the Islamic Heritage Buildings and Cities, and the Methods of their Preservation.
  9. Implementation Follow-up of HABITAT Agenda in Islamic Cities.
10. Geographic information systems Applications in planning and sustainable development.

These activities are documented by different means of publication.

2. Analytical Studies:


The Organization undertakes a series of analytical studies on architecture and urbanism, in the member capitals and cities that are thriven with Islamic architectural and unban heritage to deduct the Principles and methods of architectural and urban design of the consecutive Islamic eras. The conduction of these studies aims to costitute a precise scientific reference to be available for universities, specialized institutes, ministries, uninons and municipalities in the Islamic world, that with a view to revive the Islamic architectural heritage by using these guided principles and methods in the current urban development proceses in the member capitals and cities .

3. Awards of the Organization:

The Organization grants  periodic awards every three years in recognition of outstanding achievements in the domains of writing, accomplishments, translation, and projects in the fields of architecture, urban planning, environment, services, organization and municipal legislation. These awards aim at encouraging municipalities and local authorities and individuals to contribute effectively to the achievement of sustainable urban development and the preservation of the heritage and the identity of Islamic cities.

These Awards are presented at the opening ceremony of the Organization General Conferences.

4. Islamic Capitals and Cities Magazine:

The Organization publishes its official bi-annual Magazine at the Holly City of Makkah. The Magazine is concerned with sustainable development affairs of Islamic capitals and cities, among which are the affairs of planning and architecture, public services, housing, urban transportation, environment, health and safety, administration and maintenance systems, preservation of the Islamic heritage, and international cooperation.

5. Establishment of Database for member Capitals and Cities :

The organization undertakes the study to set out the basic guidlines for the design and implementation of an advanced database system, including information about the member capitals and cities,projects,issues and activities carried out by the organization. 

6. Contribution in Funding some projects:

the organization contributes in funding some projects of services, maintenance, protection of enviroment and heritage, researches and training in the member Islamic capitals and cities through the cooperation fund of islamic Capitals and Cities.

7. Technical and Technological Cooperation Program:

Stemming from the Organization's belief in the importance of technical cooperation and the exchange of modern technologies between Islamic capitals and cities, as an effective means for the achievement of sustainable development, a program for technical and technological cooperation has been established within the framework of the Islamic Capitals and Cities Cooperation Fund. The program's objectives are to offer the opportunity for the development and exchange of expertise, information, research, and studies, as well as the mobilization of the required technical and  administrative capacities. These objectives would be achieved by promoting the technical and administrative cooperation between Islamic municipalities in order to build their developmental capacities and to achieve their economic, social, and environmental objectives. The program's activities comprise the assignment of experts and specialists to undertake training missions.

8. Exchange of visits and researches:

The Organization prepares visit exchange programs for municipal and local authorities in the capitals and cities of the Islamic world. The programs' objective is to widen knowledge of, and familiarization with other's experiences in various municipal domains, among which are the  organizational administration structures in order to benefit from successful  experiences to counteract administrative, organizational, environmental, and developmental problems and difficulties.

9. Holding of  Exhibitions:

The Organization holds exhibitions that display its projects  all over the Islamic world and the special achievements of Islamic municipalities  as well as the winning projects of different Awards organised by the Organization. These exhbitions are held within the activies of the administrative Council, the General Conference activities and occasionally.


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